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We were new in town and were looking for a reliable transportation in the early morning and we came across local taxi cab so we gave it a try, ever since we have been using this service.

We recommend local taxi cab service to anyone, it has been a delightful experience using this service. prompt, on time and reliable taxi service with friendly dispatch and presentable drivers in clean cars.

Tim Barkley, Customer

I like the fact that this company keeps you informed with the status of the ride along the way, they do that through automated text messages and phone calls.

I can get a cab ride on time with these people without having to talk to a real person not even once, they let you book online or via text messages, and they will confirm via text or email, then when the send you the cab i get notified by automated text then when the cab arrive i get notified with that too through text. sometimes they even send me an automated call letting me know how far the cab is.

i like this service and i use them all the time, i think everybody should do that.

Lisa Whistler, customer

I love their free taxi mobile app, its just super easy to use and I don't have to share my card info and still able to book a taxi with them through the app.

I also like the fact that i can make future reservations through their mobile app, I don't think any other service offers that.

Dave Grohl, Customer