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Package Delivery service – Courier services

Conveniently our Package Delivery service delivers packages as needed, anytime, anywhere, and to any location whether it’s a shipment needs to be dropped off at PDX airport cargo area or only a McDonald Meal delivery to your house. Let us know if you ever need a package delivered sometimes.

Have you ever been in any of the following situations:

  • Have you ever been stuck in the office and need a document delivered ASAP?
  • Have you ever needed to get a package to a friend across town but did not have the time or a car?
  • Have you ever needed an important package delivered on a national holiday but delivery services were closed?

Here's your answer

CALL A TAXI for Package Delivery service.

You can hire a taxi to deliver an important package across town, or even across the state.
Our accommodating vehicle fleet includes spacious Sedans, Minivans and 4x4 Utility Vehicles to handle Package Delivery of all sizes. Our professional team will ensure that your package is picked up within 10-20 Minutes of your Call and delivered with expedited priority service within Just One Hour.

Whether you have some documents you need to transport somewhere or just a shipment to drop off at the cargo area by the airport; you name it we delivery it.
Our Package Delivery service is always ready to run packages for you all around town, fast and safely.

When you need to get a document or small package (up to 50 lbs) across town, Local Taxi Cab is the answer. Our Dispatch 503-822-0101 Within minutes of your call, an independent contractor driver at Local Taxi Cab will pick up your parcel and bring it straight to its destination. Local Taxi Cab Taxi Dispatch 503-822-0101 Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no extra charge for weekend or evening delivery.

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